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Every family has a story to tell

Milwaukee Family Photographer

Offering family photography services that truly tell your story. Your family is unlike any other...why should the images on your walls look like everyone else's? 

Lifestyle Family

Child Portrait

Storytelling Family Photographer

There is beauty in documenting life as it really unfolds. Of course I offer guidance to my family photography clients when it comes to posing but the truth is that the photos you will love the most in years to come are the ones that speak to your journey as it stands today. The way your little one always seems to find the muddiest spot in the grass. The crinkled nose and squinted eyes your 4 year old has when you tell her to smile pretty. The sweet glances you give your husband after he goes in for a wet kiss. The realities of your life. You don't want the same photos that everyone else has. You want images that will transport you back to this chapter of your life, flooding you with emotions that will help you remember how you really felt.

I am proud to offer one-of-a-kind family photography experiences to my clients. I am consultative in my approach and I provide a robust questionnaire to learn about your family and your unique interests & hobbies. 

Lifestyle family photography is for you if you are seeking guidance with posing, prompts and wardrobe selection to bring your family's natural beauty to the highest elevation. Creating and capturing the joy, love & connection of your family with a little help from your photographer will result in a beautiful gallery of images all your own. 

As a kid at heart, it is natural for me to playfully interact with your child to achieve candid, fun photos of his or her authentic personality. Incorporating games and movement oriented prompts generates the gleeful smiles you see scattered throughout my portfolio. 

Storytelling family photography is for you if you are seeking a photography experience that represents your family in an environment that is meaningful to you, enjoying an activity that you love to do together. As your photographer, I would be along for the ride, narrating your story as it unfolds naturally. Think of the ways that you and your family love to bond together and plan a fun-filled family session with those elements in mind. Relaxed, laid back and minimally influenced by the photographer, this type of photoshoot is for you if you want to professionally document your life, in all of its genuine glory. 

Documentary family photography is an option, as well. With this style of photography, there is no direction from the photographer. Instead, I would act as a fly on the wall, artfully capturing the ordinary, every day moments in a way that would tell an honest story of your family life. Bravery and vulnerability are prerequisites for photojournalistic photography but the resulting images will be the most impactful for you and your family as time inevitably moves forward.

I am honored that Whimsical Roots Photography is chosen again and again to document family photography stories throughout the state of Wisconsin. I would be thrilled to design a family photoshoot experience that speaks to the heart of who you really are. 

Offering Lifestyle Family photography services throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. Based in Hartford, Wisconsin, I frequently travel throughout Washington County, Ozaukee County, Waukesha County, Milwaukee County, Dodge County, Dane County and Door County.

I look forward to the opportunity to get inspired & co-create something unique together!

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