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Hi, hello, howdy!

In 2011, a professional camera landed in my hands for the first time. I was studying abroad in Paris, France and was overjoyed to be creating beautiful photographs of French pastries, iconic landmarks, bustling markets and unique passersby. When I returned home to Hartford, there was no turning back. I was all-in and ready to explore the art and science of photography! Over the past 10 years as a photographer based out of Hartford, Wisconsin, I’ve been honored to photograph more than 150 wedding celebrations as well as families welcoming newborns, seniors graduating high school and other important family milestones. I love what I do, otherwise I would be doing something else! 

I’m a complex woman with a plethora of interests outside of photography! I live to create and am endlessly curious. I am a sucker for my husband's dimples, houseplants, exotic spices, stand-up comedy, traveling to remote parts of the world (27 countries & counting), organic gardening, learning about people’s stories, practicing yoga, hysterical laughter, uncovering truths, dance parties in the kitchen, cooking curries, making soap, hiking, playing with our pups (Timber & Rose), live music & writing run-on sentences with too many commas. ;)


I love working with positive, happy people who laugh easily and don’t take themselves too seriously. 


If all of this resonates with you, get in touch! I can’t wait to hear from you!

The Whimsical Way

Evoking Natural Human Elements, Curating Vibrant, Genuine Photography



Cultivating warm, soulful relationships is everything to me. It doesn’t take long for my clients to become my friends!



My camera bag is bursting with joy, energy, vivacity and enthusiasm! Expect these attributes to pop-up during every client interaction and especially throughout the photography experience! 



A perpetual dreamer at heart, I love leveraging imagination to transcend the norm. Bring me your vision and let’s get inspired together! 



Call me, email me, text me. Day or night...

I will respond promptly and with sincerity. I’m engaged + present through the entire experience and I’m proud to offer both advice and solutions in response to whatever inquiry you have. 



I am here FOR YOU and I am dedicated to earning your trust! Beautiful images in a final gallery are vital, but the experience you have throughout the process is equally as important! I’m committed to providing you with a smooth, easy + awesomely fun photography adventure!  



I shoot from the heart and focus on both large and small moments that will weave the gorgeous tapestry of your experience.

I do not limit the number of photographs that are delivered in my clients’ final galleries. You will receive all of the wonderful images that will bring your

story to life again and again.

See what's happening in my garden...

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