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Milwaukee Wedding Photographer | Celebrating Anna and David's Nuptials at The Waters

Meeting new clients is kind of similar to going on a first date in that it always stirs up some nerves and jitters. What do I wear? How early should I be? Should I buy their drinks? (The answer is always yes.) Should I bring a little gift? (Also yes). Eek, it's so exciting... the blossoming of a new relationship! Could I really have the honor of photographing another love story?! Each time a couple grants me the amazing privilege of being present with them on their wedding day, I quite literally squeal and jump for joy! You mean I get to learn about YOUR love story, share in the excitement of planning your celebration, frolic around with you and your lover on a date night (engagement photos, YESS!) and be right there with you, camera in hand to capture the best day of your life as it unfolds?! Sign me up!

You guys, I still get so dang lit up every time a new inquiry comes my way. The anticipation and excitement are PALPABLE! I love what I do and I want my couples to have their BEST DAY EVER documented from start to finish with gorgeous images!!

Anna & David are one of my couples, and our relationship started at a sweet little coffee shop just outside of Fond du Lac (Urban Fuel). I brought them an adorable succulent (is that baby still alive, guys?) and we bonded over some tea and coffee. I quickly fell in love with their wedding day vision... autumn nuptials, cozy fireplace, lovely gourmet food, yes!

We further solidified our relationship by heading to Heritage Orchard for some fun apple picking engagement photos!!

Anna and David's November wedding day quickly approached. The temperature was frigid and the wind was mighty but, being true Wisconsinites, we braved the elements to get the best shots!

Anna and David were so enveloped in love by their family and friends... happy, positive energy filled my heart watching everyone come together to celebrate the newlyweds. The dance floor was hoppin' too.. where do these little kids always get their energy? Have we found a way to bottle it up yet? If so, send a sample my way!! :D

Anna & David, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for choosing me and Whimsical Roots Photography to capture your wedding day. I hope that you teleport back to YOUR best day ever every time you revisit your photos!! Cheers to happily ever after!


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