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Colorful Engagement Photos | The Heart of Downtown Waukesha, WI | Hartford, WI Photographer

I've hit the point of winter where my soul starts to crave the thaw...Lots of indoor projects have been completed (TONS of organization... rubber bands and thumb tacks finally have their own designated spots in the house!! Haha) and I'm itching to get outside and breathe the expanse of fresh spring air. Yesterday's weather prompted a yearning for the vernal equinox and all things gardening. The sun was out, the sky was blue, the pups were frolicking along our newly minted lot lines (7.6 acres now!!) and my mind was visualizing as I hiked our new terrain. So many fresh vantage points and perspectives to play with... and many new areas for planting flowers, building backdrops and digging our toes in the dirt.

As you can see here, I'm attempting something a bit different with my blog. I have words to share and I want my photography clients to learn more about me so they can sense the type of woman I am... but I also want to share photographs of client sessions in order to give an idea of what a final gallery will consist of... so, I think I will accomplish this in one fell swoop by simply blogging as it used to be done... telling my audience a bit about what I'm up to in each post.

So, back to it then... As I was walking around, clearing my mind and visualizing the future of our farm, I felt so excited and happy. I truly have one of the best careers in the world and it is because I chose to pursue my passion. It was not an easy thing for me to do... in fact, I juggled a full time professional career in conjunction with my photography business for years before taking the leap of faith into solo entrepreneurship. And when I use the phrase "solo entrepreneurship", that is not to say that I did all of this alone. There have been countless instances where Chris (my husband) was cheering me on to take the next step... and then the next step... and then the step after that... building me up along the way....I also have him to thank for many wedding day breakfasts and late night snacks... no doubt that I'd forget to feed myself if it were not for his attentiveness!

So much goes into creating a career out of a passion and it is ever-evolving. What started as a little photography hobby has turned into a full-fledged business...I love that my portfolio is wide-ranging and that I am able to service clients in many different arenas including weddings, events, & portraits (family, maternity & newborn, couples, children's milestones, seniors, professional branding & headshots). With the acquisition of the farm as well as the impending opening of our downtown Hartford photography studio, the to-do list is a mile long. So many things to consider and decisions to make! It's exciting but, let's be honest, overwhelming and slightly intimidating. Doing something new can be scary... but letting fear run wild is useless. Lately, we've been living by the Word and trusting in the process without knowing every single answer. If an instinct to pursue something is there, it's there for a reason and I fully believe it is our responsibility to live out our passions and follow our dreams in order to create a ripple effect for others. As humans, we all have innate talents and gifts that are meant to be shared with the world.

So, without further adieu, I'd love to share this spunky engagement session from last year...we spent the evening prancing around Waukesha, where they met during their college years. The architecture of the historic downtown area as well as the riverwalk were fantastic backdrops to enhance their connection. These two happy hearts will be tying the knot at The Gardens Wedding Center in Allenton this summer! I cannot wait to celebrate their love story amongst such natural beauty!!

Downtown Waukesha Wisconsin Engagement Photos

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Downtown Waukesha Wisconsin Engagement Photos

Whimsical Roots Photography collaborates with couples who LOVE to laugh, don't take themselves too seriously and are willing to get silly in order to capture truly reflective, candid moments of the love they share.

Whimsical Roots Photography is on fire for documenting love stories in Wisconsin and beyond. The passion Andrea shares with her clients translates to beautiful imagery and an amazing client experience. If you're seeking a fun-loving, spirited wedding photographer, contact Whimsical Roots Photography today. You won't regret it!


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