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Delafield Family Photographer | Family Photos at Lapham Peak

As a seasoned family photographer in the greater Milwaukee area, I have learned the ins and outs of what makes for a great session experience. I've share a few of my top tips below!

1) Choose a beautiful backdrop. Some of my favorites are locations that incorporate fields, trees, and beaches. Lapham Peak in Delafield is a lovely environment that features both fields and majestic tree lines.

2) Incorporate unique family elements into your session - inside jokes, games that you play at home, activities that you do together

3) Go into it with an attitude of presence and grace, knowing that kids will be kids... the photos of your little one making a silly face will be a treasure to you as their personality develops and matures

4) Always be moving - looking and smiling at each other, snuggling, walking, skipping, tickling, twirling. The interactive moments bring the most energy and genuine laughs.

5) Incentivize positive behavior with a family ice cream outing after the photoshoot to round out the fun family event of having professional portraits taken. There is no judgement against bribery here!!

6) Have fun and focus on being in the moment with your kids, knowing that you have hired a professional who has seen it all and has the confidence to provide you with not only a wonderful experience, but also with a gallery of gorgeous images that will showcase the love you share with your family.

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There is beauty in documenting life as it really unfolds. Of course I offer guidance to my family photography clients when it comes to posing but the truth is that the photos you will love the most in years to come are the ones that speak to your journey as it stands today. The crinkled nose and squinted eyes your 4 year old has when you tell her to smile pretty. The tickle fights between your set of twins. The eskimo kisses you share with your husband. The beauty of the ordinary moments in your life. You don't want the same family portraits that everyone else has. You want unique images that will transport you back to this chapter of your life, flooding you with emotions that will help you remember how you really felt when spending precious time with your family. I am proud to offer one-of-a-kind family photography experiences to my clients and I am eager to co-create something special with you!

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Family poses for portraits at Lapham Peak in Delafield, Wisconsin

A family playing a game at Lapham Peak poses for portraits

Candid family photos at Lapham Peak

Candid family photography at Lapham Peak

Family playing at Lapham Peak in Delafield, Wisconsin

Family tickle fight photos

Family snuggles

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