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Hartford, Wisconsin Senior Portraits Photographer | Beautiful Equestrian Senior Photography

Feeling so dang inspired lately! This past week was a big one... on Monday, I ventured over to a fellow photographer's studio to shadow her as she ran through a newborn session... so grateful to her for being so open and community-minded as I continue to hone in on my skills! I'm hoping to do more newborn sessions this year in my new studio!!

On Tuesday, 2/22/22, I ventured down to Coast in Milwaukee for my first wedding of the year!! Sarah and Jason had quite the day to celebrate their nuptials!! The drive down was a bit treacherous in the ice storm but was sooo worth it! :D At every wedding I try to focus on something new to work on and this particular wedding offered up some really interesting light to work with... some of my images came out a bit dark and moody, evoking the mood of anticipation and preparation before the "I dos". So fun!

The studio space is coming along beautifully... over the past couple of weeks I've been busy thrifting and scouring antique shops to find just the right pieces to feature!! This week we hung curtains, washed the windows, brought in the lights, hung some backdrops and did some deep cleaning!! Next up is hunting down some greenery! You all know I'll have tons of plants in the space! I'm also brainstorming a revival project for an oak hutch that my dad built decades ago... I want to bring it back to life and have it play a part in the studio!

Yesterday, my husband and I spent some time discussing our pantry build out. Living in an old farmhouse is all kinds of romantic but also all kinds of quirky!! Extra amounts of engineering and planning are essential because our house has had two major additions from the date of its original construction....a project that would normally be pretty straightforward tends to get convoluted rather quickly when taking into consideration the plaster, brick & drywall all in one room....or the plumbing that somehow makes its way through 36 inches of concrete. You get it. Living in an old farmhouse is an adventure and it's super exciting to visualize and enjoy the journey!!

Today I've been busy making soaps & soups! Music in the background, you ask? Well, so far it has ranged from Stone Sour to The Roots. I love it all! The sunshine outside this afternoon is intoxicating! I ran around the farm with the pups and just let my mind go wild with ideas! I'm feeling full of gratitude lately and had a thought of appreciation today as I emptied out several bowls of apple cores, egg shells & coffee grounds onto our compost pile. The produce scraps that are annoying to bring outside in the middle of winter will someday be gorgeous fertilizer to layer on top of our gardens, that ultimately, after even more effort, will nourish us! The effort we put in today pays off later... just a good reminder.

The spotlight in today's post is Maya, a senior that I had the pleasure of photographing this past summer. Her love of horses is evident in these beautiful images!! Don't you think?

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