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Alice in Wonderland Wedding at the Schauer Arts Center | Hartford Wisconsin Wedding Photography

This wedding celebration holds a very special place in my heart... I was involved from beginning to end and I'm so delighted to have captured such a unique gathering and expression of love!!

The couple: Matt and Amanda

The theme: Alice in Wonderland (how cool and whimsical can you get?!)

The venue: Schauer Arts Center

Matt and my boyfriend Chris sealed the deal on their friendship way back in elementary school, so it was no surprise when Matt asked Chris to be his Best Man.

It was a happy honor when I was asked to be the photographer for their day!

Excitement set in as more details of their day unfolded...bright pops of color, succulents, fun groups of guys + gals and two creative humans exchanging vows and sealing their love!

Adding to the festivities, Chris + I set out on a quest to build the perfect card box for the happy couple to display at their reception! We hunted high and low for the best vintage chest...scouring antique shops, rummage sales and online platforms. Chris landed the ultimate piece as well as an original hard cover publication of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. From there, we added unique padlocks, quirky quotes and ink stamps to bring it all together!

All of the details of Matt + Amanda's wedding were curated beautifully! I absolutely love it when couples bring out their true personalities and I have to say that Matt + Amanda take the cake on this one!!

  • Peeks of turquoise in the bride's hair coupled with the turquoise vest and bow tie in the groom's attire

  • Every bridesmaid and groomsmen wore different colors showcasing the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland

  • The floral pieces... the bride's voluptuous bouquet is TO THIS DAY one of the most gorgeous displays I've seen!

  • Homemade signage throughout the reception venue + DIY centerpieces featuring homegrown succulents and Alice in Wonderland references

  • Wedding favors highlighting the groom's passion for canning - homemade dilly beans, apple sauce, tomato juice + jalapeños

  • The bride + groom entered their reception to the melodies of Pantera... not something you typically see!!

  • A wide array of creatively colorful cupcakes and signature cocktails

  • The bride's headpiece... mad hatter! Sooo creative!

  • Hoyo de Monterrey cigarillos for the boys

The list goes on and on!

It was such a treat to capture our friends' wedding day and to be present for all of their special moments!!

Cheers to you Matt + Amanda on your nuptials and continued happiness!!

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Whimsical Roots Photography collaborates with couples who LOVE to laugh, don't take themselves too seriously and are willing to get silly in order to capture truly reflective, candid moments of the love they share.

Whimsical Roots Photography is on fire for photographing weddings in Wisconsin and beyond. Andrea is based out of Hartford, Wisconsin and happily connects with clients in Slinger, West Bend, Hartland, Madison, Milwaukee, and Delafield. The passion Andrea shares with her clients translates to beautiful imagery and an amazing client experience. If you're seeking a fun-loving, spirited wedding photographer, contact Whimsical Roots Photography today. You won't regret it!


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