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Senior Photography Hartford, WI | Colorful, Unique High School Senior Portraits

Opportunities abound for senior high school graduates. It's an incredible time in life when the future is bright and you begin the journey into adulthood. So many twists and turns await as you decide which direction you want your life to take... after high school graduation, are you going to head to university right away? Or instead perhaps you will take a year off to travel the world? Maybe you've always dreamt of starting your own business? No matter which path you venture down first, a senior photoshoot is a rite of passage so important that it deserves its own genre in the photography world!

Why have a unique senior photoshoot experience in Hartford, Wisconsin? Well, it centers on the achievement of making your way through 12 full grades of academia. Something that we all only do one time in life!! It also brings to the forefront your unique interests and hobbies. It freezes this moment in time for you.

It may be hard to imagine but you will one day be old and gray, you will one day want to sift through photos of days gone by and you will remember your high school experience fondly when revisiting your senior portraits! Time is fleeting and senior photography is worth investing in... not only for the resulting images that will showcase who you are RIGHT HERE, right now, but also the experience. So much of our memory hinges on the way we felt in the moment. Invest in a senior photographer who focuses on creating an environment in which you feel confident, happy, joyful and excited. These elements will translate into amazing photography!

Get creative, find a senior photographer who will allow you to bring elements of your true self into the photoshoot experience.

Some ideas:


Musical Instruments




Historic architecture



Hi, I'm Andrea - Offering Senior Photography in Hartford, WI

Senior photographer in Hartford, WI

I have been photographing seniors in Hartford, WI & the greater Milwaukee area since 2013. Your senior has a unique story to share and it would be my honor to help you bring those moments into the world through beautiful imagery.

Time & time again clients come to me not only because they end up with a gorgeous gallery full of photos that they will cherish for years to come but because they enjoy the energy that I show up with. I am compassionate and loving & I will treat you with great care throughout your entire experience with me.

As a Milwaukee senior photographer, I help stylish, fun-loving high school seniors create special moments that translate to vibrant, colorful, unique senior portraits.


Depend on me to ensure an energetic & joyful senior photography experience that will put you at ease, bring forth your confidence in front of the camera and transform the fleeting moments of your life into prized family heirlooms.

Outside of photography, I draw inspiration from so many things. I love life & enjoy reading, cooking, finding unique pieces of decor & clothing from thrift shops, history & architecture, growing food and flowers on my farm & hanging with my husband & our 2 pups, Timber & Rose! 


A high school senior posing with a volleyball in her sports uniform for senior portraits in a rustic farm location in Hartford, WI


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