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Summer Night Engagement Photoshoot | Hartford, WI Engagement Photographer

Cue almost every country song ever composed, and you'd have Adam and Jana's engagement session...that easy, carefree summer love vibe and a pair of high school sweethearts will do that!!

Somethin' bout a truck, in a farmer's field... a no trespass sign, and time to kill...there's somethin' bout a girl, in a red (white) sun dress... and there's somethin bout a kiss, that's gonna lead to more...

We celebrated Adam and Jana's engagement on a hot summer evening, accompanied by a sublime golden hour on a gorgeous private property with a pond. The name of the game was to keep on moving, as the mosquitos that night were atrocious.

Of course, Lou, their playful pooch made an appearance for a few photos and the laughs that ensued were amazing... there's something about puppy love in a farmer's field cast against a golden sky!

If you have a pup and are thinking about bringing him/her to your session, just consider it done! Here at Whimsical Roots Photography, dogs are always welcome!!

Playful laughs and snuggles lead to great candid shots! Be sure to find a photographer who also focuses on the details... like the ring!!

Lou was a highlight! Look at that tail wagging!!

Old buildings can be used to set the stage for unique captures and contrast!

The in-between moments are always the best... just trust, let go, dance, swing & kiss... enjoy each other and your love will shine through!

Classic love.

Hartford Wisconsin Photographer

The ideal Whimsical Roots Photography couples LOVE to laugh, don't take themselves too seriously and are willing to get silly in order to capture truly reflective, candid moments of the love they share.

Whimsical Roots Photography is on fire for documenting love stories in Wisconsin and beyond. The passion Andrea shares with her clients translates to beautiful imagery and an amazing client experience. If you're seeking a fun-loving, spirited wedding photographer, contact Whimsical Roots Photography today. You won't regret it!


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