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Why Should I Book an Engagement Photo Session | Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

The champagne is still bubbly and you haven't stopped staring at that shiny ring on your left hand... you are engaged! Can you even believe it?! Perhaps you jump straight into wedding planning mode or maybe you decide to savor the experience as a fiancee, either way, I've compiled a helpful list of reasons to kick off your newly minted status as an engaged couple with a memorable & unique photography session.

1) Kick off the entire once-in-a-lifetime experience of committing to your person.

You have found your person, the one who accepts you, morning breath and all, and you have said yes to spending your life together! Why NOT commemorate this once in a lifetime milestone with a photography session showcasing your story? What makes you unique as a couple? What locations speak to important aspects of your relationship? When is the last time you had a chance to ditch the leggings and comfies in exchange for a beautiful dress and heels? My take: plan a date night, get dressed up, and invite me along as a third wheel. We'll pop some champagne and you'll spend the stress-free time snuggling and laughing with your person, blissed out at your status as a fiancé(e).

Milwaukee engagement photographer. Wisconsin wedding photography.

Downtown Milwaukee Engagement session.

Downtown Milwaukee Engagement session.

2) Test drive a few photographers before making a decision for wedding photography.

Perhaps you are not sure what style of photography you like or what type of person you would be most comfortable with in front of the camera. Scheduling an engagement session with one or multiple photographers can help you in the decision making process for the next step with wedding planning. If you have 3 engagement sessions and only love the final gallery from one, I think you may have found your wedding photographer.

Door County Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Door County Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Door County Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Milwaukee Wisconsin Engagement Photo locations

Milwaukee Engagement Photography at Atwater Beach

3) Take advantage of the engagement session included in your wedding photography package.

Perhaps you know right off the bat which photographer you want to book for your wedding and you sign on the dotted line shortly after saying "Yes!". I so strongly believe in the power of an engagement photoshoot that I include them in each of the wedding packages I customize for my clients.

Lake Country Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Lake Country Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Why have an engagement session. Milwaukee wedding photography.

4) Get comfortable and ease your "awkward" nerves before your wedding day.

Literally every couple I connect with makes the claim that they are awkward in front of the camera or that one of the partners absolutely hates having their photo taken. I understand these concerns but assure you that I can extract and capture happiness and laughter from just about anyone. Having an engagement session allows you and your partner to get comfortable in the presence of a camera. Learning how your photographer operates alleviates stress and paints the picture of how photos on your wedding day will go. It is an opportunity for your photographer to provide helpful hints and coaching to ensure that the resulting photographs are genuine and beautiful. Using a well curated repertoire of prompts and poses ensures that I walk away from each engagement session with a wide variety of photos for my clients. Having a fun, relaxed experience during your engagement session leads to having better photos from your wedding day!

West Bend Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Delafield Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Hartland Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

5) Decorate your home with albums or create a gallery wall to display the beautiful works of art.

I think we're all tired of cell phone selfies. Treat yourself to a professional photoshoot to commemorate your engagement. Your love story is important and the resulting images from your engagement session will bring back the feelings from this exciting time in your life again and again. Your future self will thank you!

Hartford Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Richfield Wisconsin Engagement PHotos

Romantic engagement photos in Hartford, Wisconsin

6) Use your romantic engagement photos for your Save the Dates, Invitations or in your guestbook at your wedding!

Many couples opt to incorporate their engagement photos into the proceeding wedding planning process. Send out an engagement announcement and invitation for your engagement party, turn the best photo into a puzzle and have wedding guests sign it, choose your favorite shots for an album displayed at your wedding, incorporate the images into your wedding website. The creative options are endless!

Engagement photographer in Hartford, Slinger, West Bend, Delafield, Richfield

Engagement photographers near me in West Bend, Slinger, Hartford, Milwaukee and Madison

Quirky engagement photos in Wisconsin

Madison engagement photographer at Olin Park

Madison, Wisconsin engagement photographer at Olin Park

Madison, Wisconsin engagement photographer at Olin Park

Madison, Wisconsin engagement photographer at Olin Park

Madison, Wisconsin engagement photographer at Olin Park


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