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Wisconsin Summer Wedding at Swan Barn Door | Hartford, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

Jana and Adam first contacted me regarding wedding photography in July of 2018. We quickly hopped on a call to ensure that we were a great match for their wedding celebration!! Jana & Adam prioritized showcasing their relationship against a beautiful backdrop of Wisconsin woods and nature. Their nuptials were to be held at Swan Barn Door in Wisconsin Dells. Let me tell you, I have photographed weddings at many barn venues throughout the state and there is something unique and special about this particular barn venue. Perhaps it's the outdoor ceremony location under a canopy of beautiful green, equipped with funky slab benches and bistro string lights overhead. Or maybe it's the interior of the barn, outfitted with tree and root inspired chandeliers. The outside area of the barn features plenty of space for mingling during cocktail hour and when the sun sets, there is plenty of light to keep the party going strong!!

I made the trek to Wisconsin Dells, jamming out to 80s love ballads on the way to get me in the right headspace to capture their special day! I meandered outside upon arrival to document the lay of the land before any guests arrived. Details are so important on a wedding day and I do my best to chronicle all of them in unique and special ways!

After venturing around a bit, I headed over to the bridal suite to take photos of the ladies primping and of Jana getting into her dress!

All of my wedding photography packages offer the opportunity to tailor the day to your preferences. Whatever your priority is, we have the option for you! Maybe you want memories of you and your ladies drinking mimosas, dancing around to *NSYNC while the guys jump into their suits, adjust their ties and smoke a nice, celebratory stogie... otherwise, maybe you want a bit more coverage on the tail-end of your celebration during the reception... after all, it's only after a few brandy old fashioneds that Aunt Millie busts out her best dance moves! Whatever you want, I've got you covered!!

After Jana wrapped up her primping, we headed outside to meet Adam for their first look.

A first look is a hot topic during wedding planning. Should you or shouldn't you see your love before the ceremony?? It really is a decision that is yours to own! First looks are a great way to ease the nerves of the day and spend a few intimate moments with your person before the festivities of the day are under way. I've also seen first looks help with the flow of the day - sometimes, there isn't ample time between the ceremony and dinner to capture all of the desired photos that you may have in mind. Adding in a first look prior to the ceremony helps to optimize time by taking photos of both bride and groom together before rings are exchanged. Of course, tradition remains a strong pull for many couples and coordinating a first look can seem taboo - no worries, I've got you, too! There are plenty of opportunities to discuss the timeline of the day to ensure that everything on your shot list is taken care of.

Adam and Jana enjoyed the opportunity to exchange flirty glances with each other in a woodsy, intimate location for their first look. We then proceeded to round up the rest of the crew for photos of everyone in the wedding party!

Breakout sessions with the guys and girls are imperative on your wedding day!

After full wedding party pics were wrapped up, it was time for everyone to mosey over for family photos! Family photos are another instance when your carefully planned timeline can become bogged down. It's super important to detail out the exact shots you want during this segment of the day. Another helpful tip is to notify each person involved in the family photo shoot exactly when and where to be for their cameo. IN order to make it as efficient as possible, assign a point person who is familiar with both families. It helps to have everyone wrangled and on deck for their moment in the limelight!

Jana and Adam's ceremony was set in the outdoor area at Swan Barn Door and was absolutely picturesque. The high school sweethearts exchanged personalized vows and happily sealed the deal with a kiss!

Some of my favorite moments captured are during the cocktail hour. I absolutely love being a fly on the wall and taking in all of the love and celebration. Candid photos are some of the best images from your day and truly bring all of the pieces together in a final gallery! Jana and Adam had a fantastic swing-inspired band play during their cocktail hour and I just adored this unique touch!

Now, if you're this deep into the story, I'm sure you're wondering about the proposal... so, without further adieu, Adam and Jana share:

Adam and I have a favorite dog park in Madison called Prairie Moraine County Park that's 160 acres and right next to the Ice Age Trail. We had both just gotten back from Thanksgiving break; Adam had gone to Plymouth and I had gone to Minnesota. It was a crazy warm day that Sunday, so we decided to get outside and do something. We brought Lu along and one of our best friends (and our best man), Pat, and his dog tagged along too. I noticed at one point that Pat had kind of left us while we walked up this large hill. Then, Adam got down on one knee to propose. Adam thought it would be cool to get a picture of it happening, which is why Pat tagged along, but we never got a good picture. Apparently Pat had gotten a little teary eyed and wasn't able to take the picture! :)

From high school sweethearts to husband & wife, I wish these 2 lovebirds nothing but the best! Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your day!

In closing, Jana & Adam share a bit of advice for other couples planning their special day:

Have fun planning it together! As soon as it’s not fun, take a break for the night and start up again another night. Also, it’s super helpful to make shared lists on Google Drive so that everyone who is helping you plan your wedding has access to what you are planning!

What about you out there, any advice on making wedding planning a breeze?


Caterer: Buck & Honey’s

Cake: Hy-vee

DJ: Rock Around the Clock DJ’s

Dress: Vera’s House of Bridal

Suits: Nedrebos Formalwear