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Dreamy Forest Family Photography Session | Milwaukee Family Photographer

It's hard to believe that for the past ten years I've been collaborating with families to create moments that transform into tangible, beautiful memories. Being a family photographer is sometimes chaotic, and always a little bit of a mess, but the resulting images are worth it. Sessions are often led by the littlest people in the family and this methodology proves to be the best way to keep everyone in positive spirits. Pivoting and adapting are key, as is being willing to let go a little bit and surrender to the unknown. As the mom and dad, it is a great opportunity for you to shed your roles as adults and revert back to the essence of childhood. Sink into play, snuggles and wonder with your children as they explore the area surrounding them. Playing in the woods or a big open field as the sun shines beautifully creates timeless imagery that you will cherish forever. A natural backdrop highlighting your children's wild side will never go out of style.

I include wardrobe guidance with all of my family photography experiences because wearing the right outfit majorly enhances the aesthetic of your final gallery and most importantly, the feel of your portraits. I 100% understand that choosing outfits for everyone in the family can feel like a daunting task; a task that can actually deter some moms from booking a family photoshoot in the first place. Overwhelm about family photo outfits should not be a factor in capturing moments of your children's youth. I offer a consultative approach when planning family photography sessions; investing time and effort to learn about you and yours and establishing the style we will pursue for your photoshoot experience. It is important to take into consideration the location of your photoshoot, as well.

Although I'm a Milwaukee family photographer, the below gallery was taken in the Tennessee woods of the Smoky Mountains while I was attending a Reverie Workshop hosted by Hailey Faria. It was a beautiful spring morning and the sun was peeking through the sprawling treelined canopy. The wardrobe selection for the mama and her two girls below was intentional, evoking a sense of nostalgia and simpler times.

Whatever feeling or emotion you want to convey for your family photoshoot, we can make it happen with the right location and wardrobe selection.

There is beauty in documenting life as it really unfolds... let's schedule a photoshoot to freeze this season of life in time for you!


Andrea with Whimsical Roots Photography is a Milwaukee family photographer excited to tell your unique story. A lover of the woods and lakeshore, the natural landscape beckons. Let's plan a beautiful family photoshoot that will result in images you will treasure forever.

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