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Bold & Bright Engagement Photography | Capturing Love in the Heart of Downtown Waukesha

I've been photographing newly engaged lovebirds for the last ten years and I'm here to tell you that there is something so special about this chapter in a couples' life. The relationship is maturing and both parties are feeling the sense of commitment that a proposal signifies. You've seriously found your person...the one who will dance with you in the kitchen when you're improvising on that dinner recipe, the one who will be your biggest cheerleader as you take the leap of faith to start your side hustle, the one who will inevitably wipe away your tears when life throws you curveballs. You can settle into the security of partnership and embrace the celebration of it all!!

My recommendation as a professional engagement and wedding photographer in Milwaukee, is always to identify a location that is meaningful to you as a couple. Where did your romance first blossom? Where did you fall in love? Where was it when you decided that you KNEW he was the ONE? Consider incorporating one of these spaces to highlight your love story.

I also always recommend at least 2 outfits... one that is a bit more high class, dressy or elegant and one that is a bit more laid back & playful. I'm a big fan of dramatic gowns and high heels for the ladies and a nice suit jacket for the guys... how many occasions in life are there to truly own some style with a distinguished wardrobe? In my expert opinion, your engagement photoshoot is absolutely one of them!

Taylor & Tyler opted to venture to the charming streets of downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin. Romance and love highlighted by historic architecture and quaint shops... I think so! Add in the warm glow of the setting sun and you have the recipe for a fantastic engagement photography session.

Whether opting for chic urban attire or embracing a more relaxed and casual look, downtown Waukesha provides a versatile backdrop that allows couples to express themselves authentically. From trendy coffee shops (such as Mountaintop Coffee where we made our pit stop!!) to charming boutiques, couples can incorporate elements of their favorite places into the session, adding a personal touch to each photo.

Enjoy this engagement session and envision yourself and your fiancé dancing around to the beat of your love story!!


Hi, I'm Andrea - Offering Bold & Bright Engagement Photography

Over 200 times since 2013, I’ve hopped out of bed in the morning with butterflies in my stomach and stars in my eyes as I’ve loaded up my camera bag, coffee in hand & headed out the door. Over 200 times I have felt the passion and eagerness to join in the beauty and emotion of a wedding celebration.


As a Milwaukee wedding photographer, I help sophisticated couples like you celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime chapter in your journey by creating sincere images that look and feel true to life, and true to you. Your love story is anything but ordinary, and you can trust that I will celebrate your connection with creativity & poise, in its own, unrivaled way. 


Depend on me to ensure a relaxed & joyful wedding photography experience that will put you at ease, bring forth your confidence in front of the camera and transform the fleeting moments of your wedding celebration into treasured family heirlooms.

Outside of photography, I draw inspiration from traveling (27 countries & counting), history & architecture, growing food and flowers on my farm & hanging with my husband & our 2 pups, Timber & Rose! 


Milwaukee wedding photographer captures engagement photoshoot downtown Waukesha WI at golden hour, giving the session an urban romantic feel

An engaged couple sharing a tender kiss, with the engagement ring prominently displayed in the foreground. The ring sparkles in the light, drawing attention to the symbol of their commitment and love.

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