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Winter Engagement Session in Wisconsin | Glacier Hills County Park

Wedding photographers in Wisconsin push themselves to the limit spring, summer and fall knowing that there is usually a short break in the excitement over the winter months. Right as we send off the last wedding gallery of the season, the holidays hit and newly engaged couples excitedly land in our inboxes inquiring about our wedding photography services. It's a joyous time of year!

Every winter, I welcome the slow down as it gives me an opportunity to recharge and review my favorite work from the previous season. This year, however, I'm seeing a new trend. More and more couples are opting for snowy, winter wonderland inspired engagement sessions. This upcoming January I have 5 engagement sessions scheduled in the greater Milwaukee area. Couples are opting for a mix of indoor and outdoor engagement photos to show off the different sides to their relationship. For adventurous couples and those who are willing to brave the cold, the winter months offer up a level of beauty unlike the other seasons. Crisp, fresh white snow and brisk temperatures encourage cozy snuggles and true-life eskimo kisses.

Below you will find a playful winter engagement photoshoot at Glacier Hills County Park in Richfield, WI. The happy couple opted for a winter engagement session to honor their planned winter wedding at the Pfister. Glacier Hills is a beautiful park with sprawling pine trees, open fields and adorable A Frame cabins that make for a perfect backdrop. Engagement photography is the first step in celebrating your decision to choose each other forever so make it count... incorporate unique elements such as vintage props, snuggly quilts or hot cocoa and let mother nature do the rest by creating a magical atmosphere with a fresh blanket of snow for your Wisconsin winter engagement photos!

Engaged couple smiling at each other

Cute couple sitting on vintage sled

Winter engagement portraits with vintage sled

Winter engagement session inspiration

Engaged couple runs through the snow covered pine trees

Couple kissing in the pines at Glacier Hills County Park

A couple goes sledding at Glacier Hills County Park

Man lifting woman on his shoulder in front of A frame cabins at snowy Glacier Hills County Park

Couple wrestling in the snow in front of A frame cabins at Glacier Hills County Park in Richfield Wisconsin

A couple sits on the snowy stairs in front of an A frame cabin near Friess Lake in Wisconsin

A couple snuggling on a red blanket in the snow in front of the pine trees at Glacier Hills County Park

A man dips his fiancee in the snow at Glacier Hills County Park

A couple celebrates their engagement by going sledding at Glacier Hills County Park in Richfield, Wisconsin


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