Wisconsin wedding and lifestyle photographer rooted in whimsy. 

Creating & capturing joy. 

Bold, vibrant, colorful, candid. 

Whatever YOU are celebrating is what I want to photograph!


Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m so grateful to have you here!


My passion for creating artistry out of your life’s best moments is driven by a desire to have you hit the pause button & lean into FEELING. Love, joy, passion, devotion, pride, nostalgia...beautiful emotions, eternally preserved!


My mission as your photographer is to draw out the captivating, raw human elements that make you, you, and to then showcase those elements in beautifully curated imagery. You have a unique story to share and it would be my honor to document it with a photography style that is effervescent,

colorful & bursting with life!


Now is the time to explore galleries, read testimonials and discover if I’m

the one for you! I hope I’ve planted a seed of interest & I look forward

to cultivating our relationship soon! 

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”

― Ansel Adams

“Her work is always authentic, and her portraiture, stunning and filled with personality. Where she really shines, though, is in her candid work, which captures people with their defenses down in such an evocative, intimate manner.”


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