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3 Indestructible Houseplants

I'm a houseplant person. But the amount of plants that I've killed definitely surpasses 100.

Over the years I've determined the ones that align with my level of care and attention.

The snake plant is foolproof. Remember to water it once every 6 weeks and you should be ok.

Pothos are another forgiving living wonder to try… their cascading leaves bring interest and appeal to any space and their relatively low maintenance needs allow you to enjoy its presence without too much effort. Give it an elevated plot on a bookshelf or cabinet with moderate sun and you'll love the way the pothos plant begins to unfurl.

The ZZ plant is one of the absolute best choices for those of us who have a desire for greenery in our space but who often lose our keys or forget to turn off the bedroom light. The ZZ is virtually indestructible and can survive in low light AND drought conditions.

Not only do each of these varieties provide a sort of jungle-esque glamour and intrigue, they're all also extremely forgiving. Coming back from the dead never looked as good as it does with the snake, ZZ or pothos (trust me, I've resuscitated many that I accidentally neglected when life got busy!).

Do you have a green thumb or a black thumb? Any other #houseplant lovers out there?

Indestructible Houseplants

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